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We're back and we've brought the best vibes with us!

We're sorry we were away for so long… but we are back once again, flying above the stunning coastline of St. Kitts.

Skydive St. Kitts is in full swing for the 2015 season! Join us today for one of the wildest adventures the island nation offers!

Unfortunately we won't be here for very long so be sure to contact us and book your skydive today!

That's right folks, we're back and we've got our professional team of skydivers here for your enjoyment! WOO-HOO!

We're currently taking booking for the amazing 2015 season!

Welcome to Skydive St. Kitts!

Imagine flying above crystal blue shorelines and beautiful white sand beaches. Then add to that excitement, freefalling 200 kilometers per hour for up to 45 seconds and then gliding back to earth beneath a parachute built for two.

The most exciting and exhilarating adventure in above St. Kitts just completed it's third season with wonderful results.

Reservations are required so be sure to call today and book your skydive.

If you're coming in on one the cruises be sure to mention your arrival times so we can work around your schedule.

Check out our Facebook Page to see some incredible photos and read the glowing testimonials written by many of our very happy tandem skydivers!

Contact us today to reserve your slot to see the Island like you've never seen it before!
Skydive St. Kitts - Wish you were here!

We're back to fly you through the blue skies all season :)

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